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ITQB NOVA Mentoring Pilot Programme

The ITQB NOVA's Mentoring Pilot Programme provides a scaffold to support the professional development of researchers (Mentees) by promoting meetings with more experienced professionals (Mentors), who accept to provide advice and help mentees reflect on different issues related with both the development of their career, within or outside research/academia, and their personal development.

Mentees select their own Mentors, according to their current needs. The partnership is formalised through the Mentorship Agreement, which includes a confidentiality clause. Mentor and Mentee pairs meet at least twice a year and decide together on how best to work together (the programme provides support documentation for organizing these conversations).

The Mentoring Pilot Programme is aimed at Early PIs and Postdoctoral Researchers. Participation as a Mentee is voluntary but implies a commitment to follow the programme for one year and participate in its assessment. This includes short feedback reports on meetings (no details necessary), one mid-term gathering to share experiences and provide feedback to the Pilot Programme, and a final survey.


How it works?

  1. ITQB NOVA's Pilot Mentoring Programme starts with a call for Mentees and a call for Mentors.
  2. Mentees choose their mentors either from the list of registered mentors or from their own acquaintances and networks, and invite them. If the Mentor accepts the invitation, the mentoring starts with the agreement of its terms.
  3. Each Mentee/Mentor pair meets (through whatever form they find convenient) at least twice a year.
  4. Mentees provide some feedback to the organizing team via surveys and a mid-term face to face meeting.
  5. An evaluation team evaluates the program and proposes future editions (or the end of the programme).


How can I enroll as a Mentee?

Please fill in the Mentee registration form. You will receive an email with futher instructions.

Useful information for enrolled Mentees will be shared internally through a Moodle channel (use your itqb email and password to access it). There you will also find a discussion forum for Mentees, where you can participate with comments, questions (and answers) or reading suggestions.


I'm available to be a Mentor, how can I express my interest?

Please fill in the Mentor expression of interest form. By filling in the form, there is no commitment on your part - you just agree to be part of a list of potential mentors shared internally with our mentees. You can ask to be removed from this list at any point.

When the Program starts, Mentees will personally invite Mentors, based on their current needs and you will have the chance to assess your interest in joining this pilot program as a Mentor. You will be asked to agree on the terms of the mentor-mentee relationship, after you accept becoming a Mentor to a particular mentee.

Learn more about what being a Mentor entails.


The Mentoring Pilot Programme Organizing Team

  • Ana Sanchez 
  • Margarida Trindade 
  • Pedro Matos Pereira
  • Sarela Garcia-Santamarina 


Please direct any contacts to

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