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Information for Mentors

The ITQB NOVA Mentoring Pilot Program aims to pair experienced professionals (Mentors) with researchers at ITQB NOVA who aim to discuss their career challenges and get advice on how to tackle them (Mentees).

ITQB NOVA Researchers work in scientific problems in the area of Chemistry and the Life Sciences. Some may be thinking about how best to suceed in academia, others may be wondering about a transition to industry, others still may be considering different career options. Each Mentee will be different in their needs and expectations from this Mentoring Pilot Programme. This is why Mentees themselves choose who to invite as Mentors. And this is why we aim to have a diverse pool of potential Mentors, which includes, but is not restricted to, ITQB Alumni and current or former collaborators.

What is expected from a Mentor?

Once a potential Mentor is invited by a Mentee, they should both discuss the terms of their collaboration. Also because of confidentiality issues, both are asked to sign a Mentorship Agreement. Mentors have templates for this agreement, but its content is up to the Mentor/Mentee pair.

The Mentoring Program requires two meetings between Mentor and Mentee (between January and November), but you may agree on more. Meetings can happen face-to-face or by videoconference and, while the Mentoring Program provides suggestions for topics to be discussed, the Mentor/Mentee pair may focus on other topics.

The Mentoring Programme is simply a scaffold to help these interactions happen. And as a Pilot Program, it is a work in progress, so we welcome all the feedback and suggestions Mentors can offer the organizing team.

It is up to the Mentees to keep the momentum of the Mentor/Mentee interaction, and take care of practicalities such as schedule meetings, book videoconference rooms, send any reminders you agree on, or any information you may need.

The organizing team is also available to be contacted at any point and assist Mentors in making the most of their interaction with Mentees. We hope Mentors also gain from the Mentee's perspectives and ideas.

We look forward to having you on board this Mentoring Adventure and making sure this Pilot Programme continues for many years.

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