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ITQB NOVA: Fighting COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought new challenges all over the world. As the pandemic unfolds, it has become increasingly clear how central is the role of the scientific community. At ITQB NOVA, many labs have redirected part of their research to the fight against SARS-COV-2. Currently 13 research groups are working, often in collaboration, on subjects as diverse as developing new tests, a vaccine, biopharmaceuticals, small drug discovery and unveiling molecular mechanisms of the virus action. Some of these projects are implemented in collaboration with other institutions such as iBET, IGC, IMM, INIAV and Laboratório de Defesa Biológica da Unidade Militar Laboratorial de Defesa Biológica e Química. Many of the projects already show promising results.

ITQB NOVA researchers have also been cooperating with the municipal and health authorities, with over 50 volunteers involved in testing Oeiras frontline public servants. So far, over 5200 RT-PCR tests have been made. In partnership with IGC, we have also produced a medium to inactivate the virus upon sample collection and transport, allowing tests to be made in BS2 labs. This medium is now used in testing at IGC, CEDOC and ITQB NOVA, ensuring the safety of the research teams while performing tests for hospitals and health centers. ITQB NOVA is also involved in SEROLOGY4COVID, a consortium in partnership with IGC, iMM, iBET and CEDOC-NMS.

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