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Felipe Conzuelo Lab

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The Bioelectrochemistry and Electrobiotechnology Lab focuses on the integration of biomolecules and microorganisms with electrode materials to solve fundamental questions in the study of biological redox processes, as well as the implementation of various biotechnological devices, ranging from energy conversion and storage to biosensing applications.

Felipe Conzuelo 
Principal Investigator
PhD 2014 in Chemistry
Complutense University of Madrid, Spain



Research Interests

The Lab is devoted to conducting research in the area of bioelectrochemistry with emphasis on the associated technological applications derived from the integration of biological entities with electrode materials. We focus on the study of microorganisms, as well as isolated redox enzymes and other relevant biomolecules, making use of electrochemistry to fundamentally understand biological redox processes and investigate the performance of the resulting bioelectrochemical devices.

Selected Publications

  1. P. Wang, A. Frank, F. Zhao, J. Szczesny, J.R.C. Junqueira, S. Zacarias, A. Ruff, M.M. Nowaczyk, I.A.C. Pereira, M. Rögner, F. Conzuelo*, W. Schuhmann*, Closing the gap for electronic short-circuiting: Photosystem I mixed monolayers enable improved anisotropic electron flow in biophotovoltaic devices. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2021) 60, 2000–2006.

  2. M. Riedel, A. Ruff, W. Schuhmann, F. Lisdat*, F. Conzuelo*, Light-controlled imaging of biocatalytic reactions via scanning photoelectrochemical microscopy for multiplexed sensing. Chem. Commun. (2020) 56, 5147–5150.

  3. F. Zhao, P. Wang, A. Ruff, V. Hartmann, S. Zacarias, I.A.C. Pereira, M.M. Nowaczyk, M. Rögner, F. Conzuelo*, W. Schuhmann*, A photosystem I monolayer with anisotropic electron flow enables Z-scheme like photosynthetic water splitting. Energy Environ. Sci. (2019) 12, 3133–3143.

  4. F. Zhao, A. Ruff, M. Rögner, W. Schuhmann*, F. Conzuelo*, Extended operational lifetime of a photosystem-based bioelectrode. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2019) 141, 5102–5106.

  5. F. Zhao, S. Hardt, V. Hartmann, H. Zhang, M.M. Nowaczyk, M. Rögner, N. Plumeré, W. Schuhmann*, F. Conzuelo*, Light-induced formation of partially reduced oxygen species limits the lifetime of photosystem 1-based biocathodes. Nat. Commun. (2018) 9, 1973.


Laboratory's Website

For further information please visit the laboratory's website (soon available).


Bioelectroquímica e Electrobiotecnologia  (PT)

O Laboratório dedica-se à investigação na área da bioelectroquímica com ênfase nas aplicações tecnológicas associadas derivadas da integração de entidades biológicas com materiais de eléctrodos. Concentramo-nos no estudo de microorganismos, assim como de enzimas redox isoladas e outras biomoléculas relevantes, fazendo uso da electroquímica para compreender fundamentalmente os processos biológicos redox e investigar o desempenho dos dispositivos bioelectroquímicos resultantes.


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