Applications, Scholarships & Admission

StartUp Research 2023 – Open Call for Demonstrations of InterestAug 1st - Sep 15th 2022. Send us an E-mail to, with "StartUp Research 2023_Dem_Of_Interest_your name" as Subject. In the E-mail, please provide the following information: First Name; Family Name; Nationality; Present Country/Institution of residence/work; Professional Status (Student level, Lab technician, Science manager, PI, etc.; Current Area of Work; Intended Area of Impact (StartUp Research); If you intend to bring an idea to be developed in the scope of the StartUp Research (Y/N); General Idea/Technology (StartUp Research); Problem it will be/help solving; Level of data support / validation for the idea (e.g. no support, preliminary evidence, proof of concept, validated in the relevant environment, etc; Any other comments / questions / issues about the program: please share your motivations, doubts, and general ideas. By understanding your expectations and areas of impact, it will help us tailor the course contents to best fulfil your requirements, as well as those of the new student cohort.

StartUp Research 2023 – Early Bird Applications done from Sep 1st to Oct 15th, 2022 enjoy a 10% discount on tuition. Discount is not cumulative with any of the available Attendance Scholarships.

StartUp Research 2023 - Application from Oct 15th to Dec 15th, 2022.

The StartUp Research 2023  will be held from Feb 3rd to May 12th 2023 (Fri 14h:00-19h:00; Sat 9h:00-13h:00)

How to Apply?

Applications will be made through the formal Application Portal (Link will be made available soon). A maximum 2-page CV (PDF.Doc) and a 1-A4 page Motivation Letter (PDF.Doc) will be required, summarizing your work experience and expressing how this course fits your career prospects.  If you are applying to one of the available attendance scholarships, specify in your motivation letter which type - see Available Attendance Scholarships below for more information.

Selection Criteria

  • 40% CV: Candidates with a minimum (Pre-Bologna) University degree or a (Post-Bologna) MSc will be preferred. At least 1 year of laboratory work, developing a project independently, is a strong asset.
  • 60% Motivation Letter: Written expression of interest in attending the course and justifying how present or future R&D interest can have translation potential and social impact. Although presenting a specific translation idea to be developed in the course of the Post-Graduation is not mandatory; it will be positively considered during the application evaluation - specially if you are applying to one of the available attendance scholarships. 
  • Written and spoken English proficiency is an absolute requirement.
  • If necessary, a personal interview might be scheduled for untying closely-ranked candidates.

We are accepting a maximum number of 24 participants to work in teams, developing about 8 translation ideas proposed by successful candidates. These ideas will be selected based on their supporting evidence, technology readiness level (TRL) and perceived impact.

Registration Fee & Tuition

    Registration fee:

  • €26

    Tuition (upfront payment):

  • €1500 for students enrolled in MSc and/or PhD programs hosted by ITQB NOVA, NOVA SBE, ALL other NOVA schools and affiliated institutions (iBET, IGC, INIAV and Champalimaud Foundation);
  • €1800 for researchers & staff from ITQB NOVA, NOVA SBE, ALL other NOVA schools and affiliated institutions (iBET, IGC, INIAV and Champalimaud Foundation);
  • €2200 for students & staff from other academic institutions (20% discount if more than 1 participant from the same institution);
  • €2800 for applicants from non-academic institutions involved in active research (20% discount if there is more than 1 participant from the same institution).

All levels of tuition may be payable in three tranches, each at the beginning of each Module, with a 20% increase over the upfront payment modality. 

* Once participated in one of the StartUp Research editions, the students' participation in the course shall be considered lifelong, meaning they are welcome to join the coming new editions, either to attend new features or repeat sections that they think are useful to improve their skills or to bring their projects to another translational level.

Available Attendance Scholarships

ITQB NOVA SCHOLARSHIPS: Available for ITQB NOVA students, enrolled in ITQB NOVA-coordinated MSc and/or PhD programs only.

CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE OEIRAS (CMO) SCHOLARSHIPS: In the scope of the Oeiras Valley initiative and strategic objectives, the CMO has associated with the StartUp Research by offering €1500 scholarships available for anyone wanting to participate in the program. Although not-exclusive, CMO scholarships will be awarded preferentially to candidates coming from SI&DT institution located within the Oeiras Valley.

PHARMIS SCHOLARSHIP: Pharmis Biofarmacêutica, S.A., a leader in biopharma Innovation, is a StartUp Research Associate Partner, attributing a full attendance scholarship (up to €3500) to the best proposed idea fitting Pharmis’ major innovation areas, namely Haematology, Urology, Nephrology, Infectious diseases and Clinical care.