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1. ANTHONY ABEL, University of California, USA

 "Bioelectrochemical engineering analysis of formate-mediated microbial electrosynthesis”


2. ABDELRAHMAN AMER, McMaster University, CANADA

“Lead reducing microbes isolated from bioelectrochemical systems”


3. SUMAN BAJRACHARYA, Luleå University of Technology, SWEDEN

“Abiotic and biotic surface modification of cathode to enhance microbial electrosynthesis from CO2


4. DOUGLAS F. CALL, North Carolina State University, USA

“Electrically driving exoelectrogenic nitrogen gas fixation”


5. ALBA CEBALLOS-ESCALERA, University of Girona, SPAIN

“Simultaneous treatment of nitrate and arsenite polluted groundwater using a bioelectrochemical reactor”


6. MIRIAM CERRILOInstitute of Agrifood Research and Technology, SPAIN

“Microbial electrolysis cell-anaerobic digestion combined system: a biorefinery for ammonia and energy recovery from livestock manure”


7. ANAÍSA COELHO, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PORTUGAL

“CymA, the supreme electron hub: decifering functional plasticity of Shewanella


8.SANNE M. DE SMIT, Wageningen University and Research, THE NETHERLANDS

"The invasive effects of cyclic voltammetry on microbial electrosynthesis”


9. PAOLO DESSÌ, National University of Ireland Galway, IRELAND

“Hybiosol: hybrid bio-solar cells for CO2 valorisation and wastewater treatment”


10. JOERG S. DEUTZMANN, Stanford University, USA

“Microbial physiology during efficient and stable power-to-gas electromethanogenesis”


11. GENE DRENDEL, La Trobe University, AUSTRALIA

“Working with what you have: adding resources is more effective at altering soil community functions than adding taxa”


12. MARGO ELZINGA, Wageningen University and Wetsus, THE NETHERLANDS

“Microbial thiol reduction at cathodes in  bioelectrochemical systems”


13. MARIA O. FIRMINO, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PORTUGAL

"Unraveling c-type cytochromes’ maturation system”


14. HUI GUO, McMaster University, CANADA

"Multi-electrode stack modulation for microbial electrolysis cell design”


15. STEVEN G. HART,  Arizona State University, USA

"The pH indicator C-SNARF-4 does not accurately report pH gradients in Geobacter sulfurreducens anode biofilms”


16. JACOB M. HILZINGER, University of California, USA

"Systems analysis and prospects for high-rate microbial electrosynthesis driven by direct electron uptake”


17. ETHAN HOWLEY, Arizona State University, USA

“Characterizing performance of a commercial MFC fed simulated blackwater”


19. CHRISTINE LEWIS, Arizona State University, USA

“Unlocking efficiency: dynamic electro-molecular investigations of photosynthetic energy flow with microbial electro photosynthetic system”


20. JUAN M. ORTIZ, IMDEA Water Institute, SPAIN

“Microbial desalination for low energy drinking water: pilot plant operation and desalination performance analysis”



“Methane oxidation by ‘Candidatus methanoperedens’ at a bioanode reveals extracellular electron transfer”


22. JO PHILIPS, Aarhus University, DENMARK

"Can acetogenic bacteria thermodynamically favor cathodic H2 generation?”


23. GIULIA PUGGIONI, University of Cagliari, ITALY  and University of Girona, SPAIN

“Simultaneous denitrification and desalination of groundwater in 3-chamber BES configuration.”


24. MARINA RAMÍREZ-MORENO, Universidad de Alcalá, SPAIN

"Comparative performance of microbial desalination cells using air diffusion and liquid cathode reactions: study of the salt removal and desalination efficiency”


25. MERITXELL ROMANS-CASAS, University of Girona, SPAIN

“Bio-electro CO2 recycling to medium chain carboxylic acids in two steps”


26. LAURA ROVIRA-ALSINA, University of Girona, SPAIN

“ Thermophilic bio-electro CO2 recycling harnessing renewable energy surplus”


27. CARLO SANTORO, The University of Manchester, UK

“Synthesis steps affect the surface chemistry and the performance of Fe-based cathode catalysts for microbial fuel cells applications”


28. ANA V. SILVA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PORTUGAL

“Unravelling the effects of the bolA gene in current generation by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1”


29. IMOLOGIE SIMEON, Universität Bayreuth, GERMANY and Federal University of Technology, NIGERIA

“Influence of electrodes spacing on the maximum power of a soil microbial fuel cell based on stainless-steel-nanocarbon composite electrodes”


30. RICARDO M. SOARES, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PORTUGAL

“Insights into the origin and evolution of the cell surface terminal reductase OcwA from Thermincola potens JR”


31. MIRA SULONEN,  University of Surrey, UK

“The potential of indigenous microbial communities for greener bioelectroremediation of contaminated waters”


32. IGNACIO VARGAS, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Centro de Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable, Marine Energy Research & Innovation Center, CHILE

“Boosting denitrification in seawater: Electrochemical enrichment of marine denitrifying bacteria”


33. RAMYA VEERUBHOTLA, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, INDIA

“Harnessing the power from paper-based microbial fuel cells to drive wireless sensor networks”


34. G. VELVIZHI, Vellore Institute of Technology, INDIA

“Extracellular electron transfer influences the recovery of metal in bioelectrochemical systems: analysis of overpotential electron losses”



“Extracellular electron uptake by Shewanella chilikensis DC57 and its relevance to electrical microbial influenced corrosion”


36. YUXUAN WAN, Nankai University, CHINA

“Bioelectrochemical ammoniation (BEA) coupled with microbial electrolysis for nitrogen recovery from nitrate in wastewater”