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Scientific Council

Article 10 - Composition and election of the Scientific Council
The Scientific Council shall have a maximum of 25 members and shall be composed of:
a) The Director, who presides over the Council;
b) two representatives from each ITQB division;
c) a maximum of three invited members, from amongst teaching staff and researchers of other institutions or persons of recognised merit regarding the mission of the institution, namely the IBET.

Article 11 - Duties of the Scientific Council
1. The responsibilities of the Scientific Council include:
[...) f) reporting on changes in the structure and scientific goals of the ITQB (...); g) reporting on the creation of study cycles and approving the study plans; h) reporting on the establishment of agreements and international partnerships; i) evaluating the ITQB action plan; [...]

In ITQB Satutes (2009)


Scientific Council





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