Bacterial Imaging Cluster


Imaging microbes to understand them


The Bacterial Imaging Cluster (BIC) is a bio-imaging platform hosted at the Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier (ITQB-NOVA), providing its scientific research community with advanced microscopy equipment and Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS). Our aim is to train and support the users utilizing our equipment for imaging biological events at molecular and cellular scales in their organism of study. While our main expertise is the imaging of fixed and living bacterial organisms we endeavor to support scientists from every scientific area.

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PRR Support

This course is supported by European funds under the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) of the Portuguese Republic, following the appr

oval of the "CIVIC and GLOBAL" project of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (RE - C06.i03.03 - Impulso Ad


The Recovery and Resilience Plan is a nationally applicable programme. The Plan will implement a set of reforms and investments aimed at restoring sustained economic growth, supporting the goal of convergence with Europe over the next decade.

The European Union, faced with the seriou

s impacts of the pandemic on European economies, has created Next Generation EU, a strategic instrument to mitigate the economic and social impact of the crisis; this is capable of promoting economic convergence and resilience, helping to ensure long-term sustainable growth and meeting the challenges of the transition to a greener and more digital society. The Recovery and Resilience Mechanism has been developed on the basis of this instrument, and the RRP fits into this framework.

The RRP is an investment plan for all Portuguese people, based on three structuring dimensions: Resilience; Climate Change; Digital Transition.

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Remember to Acknowledge PPBI-BIC

When you use our equipment please remember to add the following to your acknowledgements!  

This work was partially supported by PPBI - Portuguese Platform of BioImaging (PPBI-POCI-01-0145-FEDER-022122) co-funded by national funds from OE - "Orçamento de Estado" and by european funds from FEDER - "Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional".


National and Regional Networks

The ITQB-NOVA Bacterial Imaging Cluster belongs to the Plataforma Portuguesa de Bio-Imagem (PPBI) and COLife networks. This allows users easier access to technology and/or expertise that is currently not available at ITQB-NOVA BIC but is available in other member research institutions. Reach out for further information!

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International Networks

The ITQB-NOVA Bacterial Imaging Cluster belongs to the Plataforma Portuguesa de Bio-Imagem (PPBI) which is now a node of Euro-Bioimaging research infrastructure. Check out their website or contact us for further information!



 All Bacterial Imaging Cluster system bookings, training and assistance are managed through Agendo.




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