Team and Contacts


Adriano O. Henriques -  BIC Scientific Head
Microbial Development Group |
Mónica Serrano (2).jpg

Mónica Serrano - BIC Vice-head 

Flow Cytometry and Conventional Microscopy Manager

Microbial Development Group |

Pedro Matos Pereira .jpg

Pedro Pereira - BIC Vice-head 

Advanced Microscopy Manager

Bacterial Cell Biology |


Mariana Ferreira - BIC Technician

Plataforma Portuguesa de BioImagem |

Scientific Advisers

Mariana Pinho.jpg
Mariana G. Pinho
Bacterial Cell Biology |
Zach Hensel
Single Molecule Microbiology |



Location: Microbial Development Group, 5º floor (5.02 - 5.03), Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier (ITQB NOVA)

Phone: +351 214 469 524; +351 214 469 521

Extension: 1524; 1522


The Bacterial Imaging Cluster is open to all scientific community as a node of the Plataforma Portuguesa de BioImagem (PPBI).

Please, consult the PPBI website for more details.