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Course Structure

The MolBiolS program recognizes individual interests and requirements in the context of a PhD. After a core training period designed to provide a broad scientific background, train professional skills and promote entrepreneurship, students taylor their individual curriculum by choosing between one of three specialties: Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

The program totals 240 credits (ECTS); most (210 ECTS) correspond to the PhD thesis and the remaining 30 ECTS correspond to curricular units, distributed in core training (15 weeks | 10 compulsory curricular units) and non-core (5 weeks | 6 conditional optional curricular units among several that are offered in the program).

Two short lab rotations enable students to become acquainted with the science made at the host institutions.

BiochemistryBiologyBiotechnologyThesis Work

Core Units Conditional Optinal Units



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