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[Seminar] Innovative publishing for the good of science with ScienceMatters

Amani Said, Editorial Coordinator – Science Matters, Zurich
When Apr 13, 2018
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where Auditorium
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Title: Innovative publishing for the good of science with ScienceMatters

Speaker: Amani Said

Affiliation: Editorial Coordinator – Science Matters, Zurich

HostAlvaro Crevenna Lab - Biomolecular Self-Organization




Academia is facing serious challenges in current models for science publishing: Irreproducibility, blocked access and non-communication of scientific data. Important reasons for these challenges is the pressure and demand for full story-based, positive scientific studies. The agony and anxiety to publish stories within a "Publish or Perish" culture breeds dishonesty which gives rise to the irreproducibility and distrust in scientific results. Many scientific observations remain unpublished either because of the inability to develop them into full "stories", or because the observations are not sufficiently "sexy". Today's large established publishing companies actively perpetuate a 'closed science' practice as this is key revenue driver of their business models.

Publishers charge exorbitant fees both for publishing  and for access.

ScienceMatters intends to change the publishing process fundamentally. ScienceMatters is an innovative Open Access Online Publishing Platform dedicated to publishing single observations, while connecting with the scientific community through professional dialogue.


Short Biography:

Dr. Amani Said performed her PhD studies at the Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, in Dresden, followed by a position as a project manager for an EU FP7 funded collaborative program on Type 1 Diabetes. Her passion for working with children and teaching led her to become a science teacher. However, her purpose is to create change and a positive impact in our society, whether it is through education or reinventing the scientific publishing system. In 2017 she joined the ScienceMatters team to help make science publishing more transparent and honest. For her ScienceMatters is not just another publisher, but a movement that will create a drastic change in how science is being done.