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World Water Day 2021

Water is essential to life and, in the GREEN-IT Research Unit, several researchers focus on contributing to solve the water-related global challenges that have risen.

As part of this big blue planet, our lives are tightly linked to water. Be it through the food we ingest or our household and personal needs, through energy and industrial production or the water-dependent ecosystems that surround us. Water is essential to life. However, several challenges are quickly leading this natural resource to meet its edge. Droughts caused by climate change can lead to severe crop losses, worsening global hunger. Moreover, concerns start to arise regarding Earth’s ability to sustain the current global demand with its limited water resources, which are already under strain. It has become an imperative necessity to fight these challenges and find solutions to protect water resources, and make their use more sustainable.


In the GREEN-IT Research Unit, several researchers focus on contributing to solve these water-related global challenges. They uncover the mechanisms behind traits of high agronomical impact, such as  drought tolerance and resistance in crops like rice, maize, common bean, grass pea and others.  Through the study of the intricate elements and systems that allow these crops to resist and even thrive in water deficit conditions, our researchers are able to comprehend the genetic and molecular landscape of drought tolerance and resistance. The translation of this knowledge into application, can ultimately lead to improved crop production.

The GREEN-IT members also focus on analyzing the ecophysiology dynamics of how plants respond to abiotic stresses, including drought, searching for ways to improve water-use efficiency, aligned with the concept: “More crop per Drop”.

The World Water Day is celebrated March 22nd and raises awareness for the current global water crisis, focusing on supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030. The World Water Day theme for 2021 is “valuing water”.