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Science and Society 2015

MOSTMICRO-ITQB researchers are actively involved in bringing their research closer to society. MOSTMICRO-ITQB Science and Society initiatives include Outreach, Highlights and Media



Visits from high schools and universities, summer training, science displays, talks at schools and universities, Science fairs and other events.


MOSTMICRO-ITQB research highlighted at ITQB NOVA webpage. The information was further distributes through Social Media and Media.


Media coverage of MOSMICRO-ITQB researchers



MOSTMICRO-ITQB researchers have been involved in the following outreach events in 2015

  1. European Researchers Night, 25th September. At Museu de História Natural e da Ciência, MostMicro researchers talking about their work
  2. Exhibition "Resistance: when bacteria resist antibiotics". Opening in October 2015 at Centro Ciência Viva de Sintra, MostMicro researchers were part of the Scientific Advisory board, contributing to the exhibition modules and the writing of a comic book on antibiotic resistance.
  3. Fascination of plants day 2015, MostMicro Science Communication Office was coordinating national activities and promoting an exhibition and an ebook on plant sciences.
  4. ITQB NOVA Open daywith Mostmicro researchers and coordinated by Mostmicro Communication Office.
  5. Online exhibition of Graphic diaries Rabiscos
  6. Festa do Ambiente , MostMicro Science Communication Office was coordinating ITQB NOVA events at the fair
  7. Festival Nacional da Biotecnologia 2015, MostMicro Science Communication Office was coordinating ITQB NOVA events at the fair with MostMicro researchers sharing their work and experimental activities
  8. School visits to MostMicro laboratories
  9. MostMicro researchers visits to to schools -Science and Technology Week
  10. Experimenta! - content platform with MostMicro researchers inputs
  11. Open Labs of MostMicro researchers to University students
  12. Master Research projects
  13. Summer Training for high schools students "Ciência Viva nas Férias"
  14. Social Media for Scientists e-book



MOSTMICRO-ITQB research and researchers highlighted at ITQB NOVA webpage in 2015

  1. A fresh look at sulfur metabolism - Researchers challenge textbook description of microbial sulfur pathway
  2. Carbon monoxide carriers as antimicrobial drugs - Seven CO releasing molecules analysed in detail
  3. Turning microbes into factories - Engineering bacteria for producing bulk chemicals
  4. Inter-institutional postdoc retreat in Setubal - More than 120 postdocs in life sciences gather to discuss their future
  5. “Um cientista vem à nossa escola” - Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2015
  6. From hot springs to new antimicrobials - Biosynthesis in hyperthermophiles paves the way to novel anti-tuberculosis targets
  7. Bend it like KSHV - Herpesvirus protein promotes DNA bending required for replication
  8. Know your targets - Biochemistry of bacterial respiratory chain protein elucidated
  9. Yet a new role for multirole proteins - RuvBL1 and RuvBL2 involved in protein disaggregation
  10. Double effect against inflammation - CO releasing molecule works best when coupled to anti-inflammatory drugs
  11. Strengthening bonds - An archetypal protein cross-linking enzyme unraveled
  12. How do bacteria divide? - Super-resolution microscopes challenge Staph division model
  13. New enzyme by directed evolution - Researchers turn metallo-oxidase into a laccase
  14. A new additive for better crystals - Researchers explore solid-supported ionic liquids for protein crystallization
  15. How much is enough? - Researchers identify essential proteins for peptidoglycan synthesis in bacteria
  16. Odd enzymes as antibiotic targets - Researchers explore unconventional haem biosynthesis in Staphylococcus aureus
  17. Simulating virus-host interaction - Researchers assess how viral fusion protein promotes membrane fusion
  18. Old bacteria with fancy tricks - New genetic regulatory mechanism of spore development identified
  19. Protecting the healthy microbes - New strategy protects gut microbes from antibiotics
  20. Storing energy - Membrane-bound hydrogenase induces a pH gradient at a membrane-electrode interface
  21. A global perspective of RNases - Next generation sequencing reveals effect of bacterial exoribonucleases
  22. A new family of proteins for energy metabolism - Researchers identify a new NADH dehydrogenase in anaerobic bacteria
  23. A switch between life forms - BolA protein controls bacteria biofilm formation
  24. Unpredictable miscibility - Researchers study fluorinated ionic liquids soluble in water
  25. In support of curiosity-driven research - Researchers identify a new pathway for the synthesis of inositol phospholipids in cell membranes



MOSTMICRO-ITQB research and researchers highlighted in the media in 2015

  1. Investigadores portugueses dão mais um passo para combater o ressurgimento da Tuberculose In Sul informação 26.12.2015
  2. Cientistas portugueses em destaque na revista Science In Visão 21.12.2015
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  4. Cientistas portugueses fazem descoberta que vai mudar os livros da escola In Observador 17.12.2015
  5. Cientistas da Universidade de Coimbra combatem ressurgimento da tuberculose In PT Jornal 09.12.2015
  6. Investigadores pós-doutorados reúnem-se para discutir futuro da carreira científica In Distrito Online 02.11.2015
  7. Investigadores portugueses utilizam nanotecnologia na investigação molecular genética In RTP Noticias 08.10.2015
  8. EDA and TNO Defence sign last CBRN joint investment programme contract In Army Technology 07.10.2015
  9. Cientistas e médicos juntam-se para chegar a medicamentos para doenças crónicas In Jornal Médico 28.09.2015
  10. Estudo reforça a imagem de Portugal na área da investigação em Biomedicina In Diário da Saúde Online 06-09-2015
  11. The ins and outs of building the sperm tail In ScienceDaily 13.08.2012
  12. Uncovering the internal rhythms of flagella In Cordis
  13. Quarenta anos de Ciência em portugal In Blog De Rerum Natura 15-07-2015
  14. Afinal, as bactérias são super-heroínas ou mega-vilãs? In Universidade de Aveiro Online - Jornal Online 06-05-2015
  15. Comissário Carlos Moedas reúne com bolseiros portugueses In Jornal 05-05-2015
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  18. UNDER THE SKIN de Nádia Duvall* In Universidade de Évora Online - UELine Online 22-04-2015
  19. Excelência na investigação portuguesa tem ajuda europeia In Renascença Online 22-04-2015
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  25. Retratos de mulheres cientistas, a homenagem no Pavilhão do Conhecimento In Jornal Hardmú 07-03-2015
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