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Call Results

MOSTMICRO-ITQB Exploratory Projects



Five projects, out of 20, have been selected within this call:

  • Description of the bacteriome of the human fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus, Cristina Silva Pereira’s Lab
  • How is mycobacterial cell division rapidly arrested to evade innate immunity? Probing divisome interactions in isolation and in vivo, Zach Hansel’s lab
  • Unravelling ecological interactions leading to antimicrobial tolerance in polybacterial communities of the human gut microbiota, Sarela Garcia Santamarina’s Lab
  • Stressing Out: Promoting Antifungal Activity by Fostering Reductive Stress with Metal Complexes, Ana Petronilho’s Lab
  • How the Nucleocapsid protein hijacks the TGFβ pathway to enforce COVID-19 pathogenicity?— a structural perspective, Tiago N. Cordeiro’s lab




Call for Applications Notice

MOSTMICRO-ITQB Exploratory Projects


A call is open for exploratory projects in the core areas of the MOSTMICRO-ITQB unit with the goal of obtaining preliminary results to support subsequent funding applications. Projects should  develop novel research ideas, which have not yet secured funding, contributing to the understanding of biological processes at the molecular, structural, cellular or population levels, with a focus on microbes important for human health, biotechnology, and the environment. Collaborations with other ITQB NOVA laboratories are allowed.

A total of four projects will be funded with 25000€/project for one year.

The tentative project starting date is March 1st, 2023.

Proposals must be submitted by a MOSTMICRO-ITQB Lab Head (the 2022 list of MOSTMICRO-ITQB Lab Heads is included in the Regulations document) and each Lab Head can submit one proposal only. Proposals submitted by other members of the laboratory will not be considered.

The application must be submitted until January 25th, 2023 at 17h00 Lisbon time.


The application must be sent by email, as a PDF file, to, and will consist of up to a total of five A4 pages, references and figures included (please use times new roman, 12 pt; margins of at least 1 cm all around) including the following sections:

  • Proposal title and name of candidate
  • Summary of the research proposal
  • State of the art
  • List of the research team
  • Work plan with a description of individual tasks if relevant
  • Budget
  • Explanation about the alignment of the proposed research with goals of the MOSTMICRO-ITQB unit, highlighting the added value for the unit
  • Explanation about how the proposed research will support subsequent funding applications, identifying future calls of interest to apply during the next two years
  • References and Figures


The proposals will be evaluated by the MOSTMICRO-ITQB Scientific Advisory Board Members, who will be guided by the scientific merit of the project, the feasibility of the project and the capacity of the research team, the added value for the research unit and the potential impact in attracting future external research funding.

For further information please contact:


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