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ITQB NOVA celebrates science and technology week

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Oeiras, 19.11.2018

For Science and Tecnology week 2018, between 19 and 23 November, ITQB NOVA researchers will visit schools in Oeiras and greater Lisbon to talk with students about their research and what it takes to be a scientist. We will update daily the list of researchers and schools involved, and by the end of the week final numbers will be counted.

On the 24th November, Portuguese Day of Scientific Culture, Ciência Viva Montepio awards will be attributed in Museu da Ciência in Coimbra. The awardees are Teresa Lago (Grand Prize), Edgar Canelas (Media) and Filipe Ressurreição (Education). ITQB NOVA is part of Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica, entity responsible for the prizes.


Schools visited by ITQB NOVA researchers

19/11 Pedro Fevereiro, Plant Cell Biotechnology Laboratory, Escola Secundária de Miraflores. Talk and exhibition Rabiscos.

21/11 Hugo Soares, Animal Cell Technlogy Unit, Escola Secundária Fernando Namora, Amadora. Talk

22/11 Beatriz Oliveira, Microbiology of Man-made Environments Laboratory, Escola Secundária Fernando Lopes Graça, Parede

22/11 Luis Gonçalves, Cell Physiology and NMR Laboratory, Agrupamento de Escolas Lindley Cintra, Lumiar

27/11 Vanessa Pereira, Microbiology of Man-made Environments Laboratory, Escola Básica e Secundária Passos Manuel, Lisboa

05/12 Ana Fortunato, Plant Molecular Ecophysiology, Escola Secundária José Augusto Lucas



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