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News 2014

Carlos Romão awarded Alberto Romão Dias Prize
Portuguese Chemical Society recognizes researcher contribution to Organometallic Chemistry
CATSUS PhD Program 2015
Applications to PhD in Catalysis and Sustainability open till October 31
7th CERMAX practical course on basic NMR
Registrations are now open
EBEC in Portugal for the 1st time
Over 400 participants join European Bioenergetics Conference 2014
Enzymes for a greener chemistry
Laccase is efficient alternative for synthesis of heterocyclic compounds
Eucalyptus genome sequenced
International consortium involves researchers from IBET/ITQB
Filamentous fungi biopaintings
Patricia Noronha’s art work published in Leonardo
First 3D structure of phosphotransferase
Membrane protein is involved in the synthesis of phospholipids
First PCISBIO Day scheduled for July 17
ITQB hosts public meeting of national centre for Structural Biology
First Portuguese Fellow of American Academy of Microbiology
American scientific society distinguishes Cecilia Arraiano
Forest Genomics Meeting
Third edition discusses gene regulation in forest trees
Former ITQB Director to head Faculty of Sciences
Jose Artur Martinho Simões appointed Director of FCUL
Happy 50th anniversary FEBS
Anniversary issue from Portugal features ITQB biochemistry
How bacteria hack each other’s mailing system
Researchers characterize bacterial mechanism for manipulating autoinducer-2
How fungi degrade cell walls
Researchers uncover pathway of suberin utilization as carbon source
How oxygen gets there
Cytochrome c oxidase has alternative paths for oxygen diffusion to the active center
How shaved bacteria escape their host
Researchers identify Staphylococcus aureus strategy to avoid recognition by the host
How will enzymes behave in ionic liquids?
A strategy for selecting ionic liquids for enzyme biotechnology
Happy birthday iBET
iBET celebrates 25 years
Inspired by nature
Researchers use plant suberin to develop new material
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