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Hang-Out Parties!

Hang-Out Parties (HOP!) are a place to relax, to chill out and to have some fun with your peers and colleagues from any lab. These parties will always take place at informal and creative settings so that your mind can indeed wander about and let go of all worries.

Keyword here is: interaction!



Previously known as SunSet Sessions, InTeraTalks are an informal get-together place for everyone who would like to share information. A short talk (20-30 minutes), over snacks, drinks and questions, will be the support for each theme discussion. Every scientific theme that you think would be of general interest is welcome. Everyone can be a speaker! Young researchers are encouraged to participate.

Examples of themes: share new techniques/protocols; doubts concerning the use of a technique/equipment; share the latest results from your work with your peers from other areas; or anything else that comes into your mind.


Movie Sessions

We will try to take you to brave new worlds of science and fiction! We will present you those movies which are the origins of the flora and fauna living inside your head! Forget the popcorn! Bring an open mind and let yourself immerse into seas of imagination!

Keyword here is: imagine!



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