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Presently, our group consist of the following members:


However, our former members made a crucial contribution for InTeraQB's journey:

  • Ana Filipa Tavares - Molecular Genetics of Microbial Resistance Group
  • Bárbara Henriques - Protein Biochemistry, Folding & Stability Group
  • Catarina Silva - Structural Genomics Group
  • Cláudia Queiroga - CEDOC
  • Diana Branco - Plant Cell Biotechnology Group
  • Diana Espadinha - Molecular Genetics Group
  • Fábio Silva - Genomics and Stress Laboratory
  • Filipa Nunes - Microbial Development Group
  • Filipe Almeida - Infection Biology Laboratory
  • Henrique Carvalho - Bioinorganic Chemistry - Peptide Design Group
  • Hugo Soares - Animal Cell Technology Unit
  • Joana Baptista - Molecular Genetics of Microbial Resistance Group
  • João Damas - Protein Modelling Group 
  • Lia Domingues - Infection Biology Laboratory
  • Miguel R. Guerreiro - Animal Cell Technology Unit
  • Neuza Teixeira - Antibiotic Stress and Virulence of Enterococci Group
  • Rui Pimpão - Disease and Stress Biology Group
  • Sofia Almeida - Animal Cell Technology Unit/CEDOC
  • Saul Silva - Organic Synthesis Group
  • Susana Lobo - Molecular Genetics of Microbial Resistance Group
  • Tiago Duarte - Animal Cell Technology Unit


If you would like to be part of our team and help us organizing our activities, we would be very glad to welcome you. Don't hesitate and Contact Us!



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