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3rd itqb PhD Students Meeting

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Organized by the students, this meeting is an opportunity for ITQB PhD students to present and discuss their work amongst each other and with other ITQB scientists. This year, around 50 students will be presenting their work.

This 3-day meeting is divided in thematic sessions - Biology, Biological Chemistry, Technology and Plant Science - and students are distributed by sessions according to their PhD projects. We have invited ITQB post-docs to chair the sessions with us.

The meeting further includes the participation of scientists from other institutions, who inspire us through their work as examples of how good science can be made in Portugal. It is a pleasure to announce that this year’s programme includes lectures by Francisco Dionísio (FCUL), Luísa Figueiredo (IMM) and Arsénio Fialho (IST).

"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."
Linus Pauling

And to talk about ideas, innovation and creativity we will have Miguel Gonçalves from Spark Agency. Miguel, who kindly accepted our invitation, will do an interactive session where everyone is welcome to participate!

We invite all the ITQB scientific community to join us.
Enjoy the meeting!!






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