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8th ITQB PhD students meeting

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Organized  by the students, this meeting is an opportunity for ITQB NOVA PhD students to present and discuss their work amongst each other and with other ITQB NOVA scientists. This year, around 60 students will be presenting their work.

This 3-day meeting will be held in the 15th-17th of November 2017. This meeting will address several scientific areas - Technology, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Biology and Plant Sciences - and students presentations will be distributed by sessions according to their PhD project theme.

The students considered for oral presentation have 15min to do it and 5 min of discussion. For students presenting poster it cannot have more than 120x90 cm

Find more information in the tab "Program".



Carlos Moreira

Delfim Ferreira

Diana Silva

Filipa Calisto

José Rodrigues

Maika Rothkegel

Márcia Alves

Maria Raquel Moita

Micael Silva

Patricia Apura

Paulo Santo

Sara Handem

Sónia Zacarias

Valéria Custódio

Advisors Joana Lobo Antunes and João Vicente



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