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Helena Canhão

Helena Canhão holds a PhD in Medicine (Rheumatology) from the Lisbon Medical School (FMUL) and her MSc in Medical Sciences (MMSc) from Harvard Medical School, Harvard University. She is a Invited Full Professor of Epidemiology and Clinical Research at the Nova Medical School and
the National School of Public Health, Nova University, Lisbon. She is also Head of the EpiDoC Unit, CEDOC, Nova Medical School and a Senior Consultant of Rheumatology at the North Lisbon Medical Centre (Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon). She is the Scientific Director of the Health Innovation Lab (HiLab), a forum that brings together leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs from the health-care sector and academia to discuss, share and experiment innovative ideas and concepts.

Furthermore Helena Canhão is the Principal Investigator of several Clinical Trials at Santa Maria Hospital; National Coordinator of (the Portuguese Register in Rheumatic Diseases), Co-coordinator of EpireumaPt (the Portuguese Epidemiologic Study of Rheumatic Diseases) and Principal Investigator of CoReumaPt (Portuguese Cohort Study of Rheumatic Diseases).

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