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8th ITQB Nova PhD Meeting Program




Book of Abstracts           
Available only from within ITQB NOVA

8th ITQB-NOVA PhD Students Meeting - Book of Abstracts




Meeting Dinner

18249_foto.jpg The "8th ITQB Nova PhD Student's Meeting" Dinner  will be held at Caravela D'Ouro, in Algés, in the last day of the meeting. During dinner, best oral and poster presentations will be awarded. The dinner is sponsored by Câmara Municipal de Oeiras.



A symbolic value of 3€ will be charged to be donated to CROAMO - Centro de Recolha Oficial de Animais do Município de Oeiras. Build by Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, CROAMO aims to give the best conditions to all the dogs and cats under the responsibility of the Municipality. CROAMO has dogs and cats for adoption, and all the adopted animals are sterilized free of charge. Go visit their page!





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