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The Academic Office ensures the planning and management of all educational activities, working at the interface between the research groups, the students and the administrative, financial and planning areas. Its functions are to:

  • Disseminate information on the entry conditions and frequency of courses taught at the Institute (enrollment, registrations, transfers, tuition and fees) and collect tuition fees;
  • Organize and monitor processes relating to registration, enrollment, attendance and student achievement and issue the corresponding certificates;
  • Issue certificates requested by the students and certify the participation of researchers in academic activities of the Institute;
  • Organize and maintain individual student files, ensuring the confidentiality of data, when applicable;
  • Maintain the students database;
  • Support academic activities, with respect to programs and curricula;
  • Support the accreditation of new courses and ensure the transmission of information to the Accreditation Office of UNL for ongoing courses;
  • Provide information for surveys conducted by UNL and by the General Directorate for Statistics of Education and Science;
  • Develop cooperation protocols for joint degrees and joint supervision with national and foreign institutions;
  • Coordinate student mobility programs, including Erasmus and Socrates;
  • Issue diplomas of graduate courses (at masters level) and non-degree awarding courses (including postgraduation), and diploma supplements (at masters and doctoral level);
  • Organize the processes for degree awarding, including secretarial of thesis discussions and other academic acts; organizes processe for academic prizes;
  • Organize equivalence processes and recognition of foreign higher education qualifications;



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