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 What is the tuition for the academic year?

  • The fees for PhD degrees are 2750.00€.

Payment can be made in four installments; school years consider the date of registration.

- 1st installment (25%) at the beginning of the school year
- 2nd installment (25%) within three months after the start of the school year
- 3rd installment (25%) within six months after the start of the school year
- 4th installment (25%) within nine months after the start of the school year 

In exceptional circumstances, a minimum fee - 630,50 € -  can be applied (requires permission of the Director). 

  •  The fee for Master degrees (Biochemistry for Health) is € 1,067.85

Payment can be made in full at the time of registration, benefiting from a 5% discount (single payment of 1,014.46€), or in three installments.

- 1st installment (355,95€) deadline: September 26th
- 2nd installment (355,95€) deadline: December 5th
- 3rd installment (355,95€) deadline: March 6th


What is the payment procedure?

  • Payment of tuition fees can be made via ATM or bank transfer.
    All bank transfers should be identified with the student's name. Costs of international transfers must be covered by the student. The proof of payment must be sent by email to



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