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Access conditions

Please visit our Research pages to decide which is/are the scientific area(s) you would like to pursue and contact the Laboratory Coordinator directly. To obtain a fellowship for you PhD studies you must first be admitted in one of our laboratories so that you can apply for funding.

Most of the ITQB NOVA PhD students have grants from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FC&T). There are regular calls for these grants and the evaluation is based on the qualification of the student, the supervisor and the institution.

A graduate who wishes to continue his/her studies but does not want to engage in a PhD, may also be a candidate for a grant within any research project being developed at an ITQB NOVA laboratory. ITQB NOVA announces such positions here and also at the FCT webpage (on the "Scientific Employment place")

For all matters concerning a PhD at ITQB NOVA please contact the Academic Services

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