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ITQB PhD Program

The post-graduate teaching programme for first year PhD students

A post-graduate course leading to the degree of Ph.D. should include an element of formal teaching in addition to original research.

The major goal of the ITQB PhD Program is to provide further knowledge in the following areas: Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Biomolecular Chemistry, Microbial Physiology and Pathogenesis, Cell and Developmental Biology and Biotechnology. Advantage will be taken of the multidisciplinary environment available at the campus.

The course is full-time, from the end of March until the beginning of May. English is the official language. Knowledge of state-of-the-art science that is developing at the ITQB will be transmitted to the students as well as the basics about advanced techniques in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Technology. A significant proportion of the course will be devoted to developing critical thinking and interaction between the students. Additional sessions on the Sociology of Science, Philosophy of Science, Bioethics and Bioentrepreneurship will take place.

The course is compulsory for all first-year post-graduate students registered at the ITQB. However, it is open to all graduate students, particularly those at the ITQB, the IBET and the IGC with the exception of sessions involving group activities.

At the end of the course first year students will be required to submit a concise report which will take the form of a critical appraisal of a scientific paper selected out of ten suggested by the organizers of the five modules. The reports will be analysed and graded as approved/non-approved. Success in this evaluation is mandatory for the continuation of PhD studies.

The Course will also be evaluated by the students. This will take the form of a short questionnaire.


Course announcement 2008 (pdf)

Calendar 2008 (pdf)

ITQB PhD program Calendar 2008 page (Restricted Access)




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