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ITQB bridge fellowships


What if you had time to experiment and plan your PhD with a six month training period in a research laboratory?

ITQB is looking for promising future researchers and offering them a head start for their PhD
If you have a Master (or equivalent) in a scientific area and are interested in research, you are invited to apply to one of the 15 ITQB bridge fellowships. The deadline for application is March 22.

The ITQB bridge fellowships aim to help students prepare their future PhD application
Successful candidates will be supported with a six-month fellowship to develop a research project in one the ITQB laboratories. From May to November, fellows will be integrated in a vibrant research environment and will be encouraged to explore new ideas to be later developed during their PhD.

Applications should be sponsored by a Head of Laboratory at ITQB
Candidates are invited to explore ITQB research areas and to contact the Heads of Laboratory in order to choose a lab where they would like to work. Together with the future supervisor, candidates must then write a short research plan, identifying the research topic and framing the work within the objectives of ITQB research areas.

Candidates are advised to contact potential supervisors by email (accompanied by the cv) and express their interest in the corresponding research area.

Once the research plan is arranged with the supervisor, candidates should prepare their application, which must include:

- detailed CV
- motivation letter
- research plan (indicating name of supervisor)
- copies of certificates
- names and contacts of two references

Applications should be sent by email to cristina[at] Please see the official announcement (edital) for further details on the application procedure.

Receiving an ITQB bridge fellowship does not guarantee future acceptance or preference in any of the ITQB PhD Programs nor does it ensure attribution of a PhD fellowship by external funding agencies.

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