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 ITQB NOVA is an academic research institution ideal for students willing to receive training in scientific research. By joining one of the 60 laboratories in the institute, students get a full immersion in research life, actively contributing for the ongoing research projects. At the end of the research training period and upon evaluation students receive a certificate with the corresponding number of ECTS credits.

Scientific life at ITQB NOVA is enriched with a number of seminars and courses that students may attend. Students are also encouraged to participate in the institute’s outreach activities and other social events.

Benefiting from a privileged location by the seaside, students at ITQB NOVA can take full advantage of the Portuguese warm weather and appreciated gastronomy.



ITQB NOVA is an academic research institution dedicated to research and advanced training in biology, chemistry and associated technologies. Currently, over 460 researchers conduct their research projects at ITQB NOVA, covering a wide range of scientific topics. A strong collaborative and international environment and the unique technological platforms available on site are the basis for ITQB NOVA’s success both in basic research and in technological development.
ITQB NOVA further benefits from its exceptional location in the campus of the former National Agricultural Station in the town of Oeiras, located at the Tagus river mouth and the Estoril beach coast, just outside Lisbon.


Can I come to ITQB NOVA as an Erasmus+ student?

You can apply to study in ITQB NOVA as an Erasmus+ student as long as your university has a current bilateral agreement with Universidade NOVA de Lisboa in the subject area of your studies.
Check details at the NOVA’s website for Erasmus+ students and contact ITQB NOVA Erasmus Office ( and the International Office of your home university to get further information on how to proceed.


How much does it cost?

Erasmus+ students do not pay any tuition fees to the institution they are visiting, as they continue to pay tuition fees to and are registered at their home institution. You will still have to consider other costs such as accommodation, living costs and entertainment.


What should I do if I want to come to ITQB NOVA as an Erasmus+ student?

Students wishing to come to ITQB NOVA under Erasmus+ program should contact the laboratory coordinator directly to make sure it is possible to join their lab in the desired period and contact ITQB NOVA’s Erasmus+ Office ( for information. Then, they should also contact the Erasmus+ Office of their home institution and apply for this mobility.


I am not eligible as an Erasmus+ student. Can I still come to ITQB NOVA?

If you are not eligible as an Erasmus+ student, you have the option of coming here as a fee-paying student and undertake one of our University Extension Courses in Research Training.
If you have already completed your degree, you might also consider applying for a fellowship within one of our running research projects or choose to become a PhD student at ITQB NOVA.


What courses can I take as an Erasmus+ student at ITQB NOVA?

Erasmus+ students can register in any of the university extension courses available at ITQB. These courses correspond to research training periods of different length in one of the 60 research laboratories at ITQB NOVA.


When do the courses start? And end?

University Extension Courses at ITQB NOVA do not have defined dates for starting. Students and their supervisors at ITQB NOVA decide on the best time to start the research training. According to the time that will be spent in the laboratory, students may choose different types of courses.


Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

At the end of the course you will get a certificate stating the type of course you have completed and the corresponding number of ECTS credits. The European Transfer Credit System ensures that these credits are valid at your home institution.


How am I evaluated?

At the end of the research training period, students hand in a written report, which they have to present to the evaluation panel. Both the report and the presentation are evaluated by the Course coordinators. Input from the supervisor at ITQB NOVA is also weighted.


I don’t speak Portuguese. Will this be a problem during my stay at ITQB NOVA?

No. As an international research institute, ITQB NOVA uses English as its main language in all activities. All seminars, lectures and courses are delivered in English and internal communication is done in both languages. Also for administrative purposes, English will be enough.
Even outside ITQB NOVA, in general, Portuguese people are able to understand English fairly well. Of course, you might want to take the opportunity to learn Portuguese. Portuguese courses are available at Universidade NOVA.


Where can I get more information about Erasmus+ in Lisbon?

On your arrival, you will be provided with all the information necessary for your stay.
In the meantime, you can find a lot of useful information (surviving in Lisbon, housing, events) in the webpages of the Erasmus+ Student Network - Lisbon section and the Erasmus Students Webpage Foreigner Students Association – Erasmuslisboa.
By joining these associations students may also benefit from a number of discounts in transportation and many activities (check ESN card and Erasmus Lisboa card for more details).
Specific information concerning Erasmus+ at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa can be found here.


Where can I stay?

You can either decide to find a place in Oeiras or choose to live in Lisbon, traveling to Oeiras everyday by train, as so many students at ITQB NOVA do.
ITQB NOVA students have access to a residence in the campus where a room can be rented for short periods. ITQB NOVA has also protocol for reduced fees with Fundação Inatel for lodging in Centro de Férias - Oeiras, an excellent housing alternative, located near the sea. You can get further help from the International Affairs Office at ITQB NOVA.
Erasmus+ students may also apply for a room in one of the residences of Universidade NOVA but places are limited. Applications are done via ITQB NOVA’s Erasmus+ Office ( Further information can be found here.
You may also opt to rent a room in a private house. Adds for short period room rentals are regularly available at ITQB NOVA.


Is there a restaurant close to ITQB NOVA?

ITQB NOVA has its own cafeteria (open 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM) that serves lunches, including vegetarian meals. Other buildings on the campus have a cantine or cafeteria that can be also used by the students.
At ITQB NOVA, there are specific areas equipped with microwaves and fridges for students who wish to bring their own lunch from home. There are also many restaurants within walking distance.


How do I reach ITQB NOVA?

ITQB NOVA can be easily reached from Lisbon by train or by car. You can find more details here. Inside the campus there are plenty of parking spaces available for students. Within Oeiras there are biking routes so for those living in town it is possible to get to the institute by bike.
Once at ITQB NOVA, your research training supervisor will direct you to the Projects Office for registration. Please bring an identification document with you.


Are there any sports facilities nearby?

ITQB NOVA has protocols for reduced fees with several fitness centers in Oeiras.


What about medical centres?

ITQB NOVA is located near to the Oeiras Public Health Center. A private clinic can also be found nearby.
Erasmus+ students should be provided with the European Card of Health Insurance from their home country. Universidade NOVA de Lisboa provides school insurance for all students, which covers accidents occurred in and outside the University’s facilities (outdoor classes, excursions, etc.) and in the normal and direct route between school and the student residence.


What can I do in my free time?

ITQB NOVA is located within Estação Agronómica Nacional (National Agronomic Station) and is surrounded by beautiful fields, including the famous Carcavelos wine's vineyards. It is a great area for long walks or jogging. At Estação Agronómica you can also find a horse riding school.
Students are minutes away from the beach and the seaside bars and restaurants. There is also a bike route along the sea great for rides or walks under the sun.
In the neighbourhood, there are gardens, parks, movie theaters, and a public library. Oeiras is a very dynamic city and many cultural activities are organized throughout the year. Information on these activities can be found in the city council webpage or in the Oeiras guide.
ITQB NOVA is close to two Shopping Centers.



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