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In order to face the main societal challenges in Bioeconomy and Sustainability, it is vital to prepare adequate human resources with the skills to understand the new challenges and contribute to the necessary shift in paradigm.

The Master Course in Biotechnology for Sustainability will endow its students with a transversal and interdisciplinary perspective of green and white biotechnologies, preparing them to deal with the new societal challenges with increased awareness of their responsibilities towards the planet and the future generations.

The Master graduates will have the fundamental knowledge, from both the theoretical and experimental point of view, required to maximize the revenue that can be obtained from plant and microbial resources, while preserving and improving these resources. In parallel, the present MSc program intends to convey a responsible and integrative entrepreneurship perspective of the Portuguese industrial reality.

The active involvement of several institutions through their researchers will contribute to give students a broad perspective of future opportunities in the field of biotechnology for sustainability.

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