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A number of research laboratories from ITQB NOVA, IGC and iMM are associated with the Interface Program. Students can select their PhD supervisor from among these laboratories. Each PhD supervisor can only accept one student. Please follow the lab link to know more about the research in each lab.



Applied and Environmental Mycology

 Cristina Silva Pereira

Bacterial Cell Biology

  Mariana G. Pinho

Bacterial Cell Surfaces and Pathogenesis

  Sérgio Filipe

Bacterial Energy Metabolism

  Inês Cardoso Pereira

Bacterial Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology

  Maria Miragaia

Dynamic Structural Biology

  Tiago Cordeiro

Genomics and Stress

  Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada

  Catarina Pimentel

Membrane Protein Crystallography Laboratory

  Margarida Archer

Microbial Development

  Adriano O. Henriques

  Mónica Serrano

Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogen Resistance

  Lígia Saraiva

Molecular Microbiology of Human Pathogens

  Raquel Sá Leão

Single Molecule Microbiology

  Zach Hensel



Bacterial Signal

  Karina Xavier

Cell Biology of Viral Infection

  Maria João Amorim

Disease Genetics

  Carlos Penha Gonçalves

Evolution and Development

  Élio Sucena

Evolutionary Biology

  Isabel Gordo

Evolutionary Dynamics

 Claudia Bank

Host-Microorganism Interactions

  Luis Teixeira


  Miguel Soares

Innate Immunity and Inflammation

  Luis Moita

Lymphocyte Development and Leukemogenesis

  Vera Martins

Lymphocyte Physiology

  Jocelyne Demengeot

Mathematical Modelling of Biological Process

 Erida Gjini

Protein - Nucleic Acids Interactions

 Alekos Athanasiadis



Biology & Physiology of Malaria

  Maria Mota

Biology of Parasitism

  Luisa Figueiredo

Herpesvirus Pathogenesis

  Pedro Simas

Human Immunodeficiency & Immune Reconstitution

  Ana E. Sousa

Lymphocyte Regulation

  Luis Graça

Molecular Microbiology & Infection

  Mário Ramirez

Plasmodium Infection & Anti-malarial Interventions

  Miguel Prudêncio

T cell Differentiation & Tumor Targeting

  Bruno Silva-Santos

Immune regulation

Marc Veldhoen

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