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Course Structure

The INTERFACE program totals 240 credits (ECTS); most correspond to the PhD thesis (203 ECTS) and the remaining 37 ECTS correspond to curricular units and research rotations. The program has duration of 4 academic years, with advanced training and rotations focused mainly in the first year.

From the beginning, and until the end of the curricular phase of the PhD program, students will have a tutor, which will be assigned from the pool of researchers from the three participating Institutions. The role of the tutor is to provide guidance and assistance in any issue pertaining to the involvement of the student in the program, and to facilitate access to global ITQB/IGC/IMM research and academic infrastructures.

The program is organized in three modules:




Other activities

Students will be encouraged to enroll in extra activities. The associated extra ECTS (up to 30) will be discriminated in a supplement to the Diploma. The students will also attend the ITQB/IGC/IMM Seminar programs.


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