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Organized by the students, this meeting is an opportunity for ITQB PhD students to present and discuss their work amongst each other and with other ITQB scientists. This year, around 50 students will be presenting their work.

This 2-day meeting will be held in 6th-7th November. This meeting will be divided in thematic sessions - Technology, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Biology and Plant Sciences - and students are distributed by sessions according to their PhD projects. 

The students considered for oral presentation have 15min to do it and 5 min of discussion. For students presenting poster it cannot have more than 120x90 cm

Find more information in the tab "Program".   


Andreia Rodrigues

Bruno Correia

Dušica Radoš

Inês Figueira

Saul Silva

Sara Silva

Sofia Carvalho

Soraia Caetano 

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