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Organized for the first time, the ITQB NOVA PostDocs Meeting is an opportunity for ITQB NOVA postdoctoral researchers to get together, know each other and learn on their projects and skills in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The one-day meeting will be held in December 7 at ITQB NOVA, and will also try to address the major concerns and perpectives of a PostDoc. For this, the program will include a key note lecture and a round table discussion with the participation of ITQB NOVA alumni that followed different career paths (see programm for details).

Postdocs will also have the opportunity to mingle in a Wine & Cheese poster session and present their current work and skills to its colleagues trying to potentiate interaction and collaborations within ITQB NOVA PostDocs.

Catarina Milheiriço | Diego Hartmann | Joana Pais | José Artur Brito | Margarida Saramago | Sandra Viegas | Vanessa Correia





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