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[SCAN] Impact of deficit irrigation on grape berry metabolism

When Apr 18, 2018
from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Where Auditorium
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Title: Impact of deficit irrigation on grape berry metabolism

Speaker: Olfa Zarrouk

Affiliation: Plant Molecular Ecophysiology Lab, ITQB NOVA



Fruits constitute a commercially important and nutritionally indispensable food commodity. Being a part of a balanced diet, fruits play a vital role in human nutrition. However, the changed climate has affected the quality of many fruits: the higher temperature coupled with water stress is going to definitely reduce the fruit quality namely of grape berry.

The understanding of molecular and biochemical events governing the response of grape berry development and ripening to water/heat stress seems essential to assess and help for the implementation of new techniques to overcome environmental cues impact. In addition, this information will contribute to the sustainable production and efficient use of water resources by providing information to the producers to enable them to take knowledge-based decisions.

During the last decade, our investigation aimed to comprehend the impact of different deficit irrigation strategies and heat stress on grape berry ripening and quality. The recent data related to metabolic changes and hormonal control of grape berry ripening as well as berry cuticle properties under deficit irrigation will be discussed and limitations in the interpretation of results will be identified.