Cryo-EM Tomography Workshop - hands-on part (19-25th March 2022)


On March 19-25th, 2022, the IMpaCT project organized the Cryo-EM Tomography workshop hands-on part at our partner in Israel, the Weizmann Institute of Science.


After several postponements caused by the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the WIS partner team was able to organize a 4-day workshop filled with scientific and technical lectures, imaging processing workshop, and several demo sessions in sample preparation, STEM and TEM alignment, FIB lamellae and block-face imaging, and in Correlative Light Microscopy.


The Tomography workshop hands-on part was attended by 11 early career researchers from the different partner’s teams and 3 external participants that have previously attended the Online Tomography Workshop, that took place on November 23-26th, 2020. The workshop counted with 15 members from the WIS team as guest speakers and mentors.


During the workshop, there were several moments that foster the network between the Consortium members and the external participants and further promoted scientific discussions on ongoing projects.


       welcome session.jpg  impact presentation.jpg

Welcome session by the WIS partner coordinators, Sharon Wolf and Michael Elbaum, and by the IMpaCT Project Coordinator, Pedro Matias.


scientfific lecture.jpg



Throughout the 4-day workshop, several scientific and technical lectures were held with invited speakers from the Consortium and from several lab members from the WIS.


computational sessions.jpg  

demo sessions.jpg

Several demo and computational sessions were organised to allowed a closer interaction of the participants with the different aspects of the Cryo-EM technology from sample preparation to correlative light microscopy, and to initiation within the imaging processing.


roundtable discussions.jpg

In the last two days of the workshop, round table sessions were organised to allowed an open discussion between the participants and the invited mentors from the WIS team. 


farewell dinner.jpg

Social events were organised to foster the network between the workshop participants and the farewell dinner  gathered all participants and mentors.