Recommended online lectures for IMpaCT workshops


Workshop on Data Processing, organised by the CNB-CSIC partner

Date:  17-20 September 2019, in Oeiras, Portugal

Data Processing Workshop on Cryo-EM applied to macromolecular complexes: single particle analysis and atomic modelling




Workshop Cryo-Electron Single Particle, organised by the UH partner

Update note (28 September 2020): After assessing the recent developments and to ensure compliance with the Health Safety directives issued by the Finnish Authorities, the IMpaCT Consortium has decided to cancel the face-to-face participation at the Single Particle Workshop for those students that are not already in Helsinki, in order to guarantee the participants and tutors safety.

Despite the current limitations, IMpaCT is committed to promote Cryo-EM training in Single Particle analysis to our students and researchers. Therefore, the Consortium has decided to convert the Workshop primarily into an interactive Online discussion group session, which will be held in the same week, November 2-5th 2020.


NEW DATE: November 2-5th 2020, online event

Workshop Single Particle, Interactive Online discussion group Sessions


Update note (2 July 2020): Considering the directives and safety measures adopted by the University of Helsinki in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in order to ensure the safety of all participants, the consortium has decided for now to limit the workshop to the consortium members only. 




Workshop Cryo-Electron Tomography, organised by the WIS partner

The IMpaCT Consortium has decided to postpone the face-to-face workshop to ensure the participants’ and mentors’ safety. Despite efforts from our Weizmann partner, it was only possible to schedule our workshop for November 2021. In order to compensate for the late new date for our workshop and as the IMpaCT Consortium believes that it is relevant to provide a continuous training, we have decided to create an Online Tomography lecture course to take place in 2020.


Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the IMpaCT Tomography Workshop will be divided into two parts:

Date: 23-26 November 2020, Online event

Online Tomography lecture course - 23 - 26th November



NEW DATE: November 21-26th 2021, in TelAviv, Israel

Workshop Cryo-Electron Tomography, hands on