Online Tomography lecture course: 23 – 26th November 2020

"An introduction to Electron Cryo-Tomography"


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A short course of online lectures will provide an overview of the approaches and methods used in electron cryo-tomography. Topics to be introduced include basic TEM/STEM optics and operation, methods of sample preparation, lamella preparation and serial surface imaging using the focused ion beam – scanning electron microscope (FIB-SEM), correlative fluorescence microscopy (CLEM), and 3D reconstruction of tilt series tomograms.
A 4-day course, 2 hours each day, filled with theoretical and demo sessions lectured by experts from our partners at the Weizmann Institute.
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No prior experience in cryo-EM or tomography will be assumed, but the lectures should be useful for participants familiar with other EM methods. The course should serve as a useful background for practical hands-on workshops. It is given in the context of an EU-funded Twinning project to promote development of cryo-EM in Portugal.