PCISBIO Meeting day - March 11th, 2022

On March 11th, the Portuguese Centre for Integrated Structural Biology (PCISBIO), an Affiliate Centre of Instruct-ERIC, organized their bi-annual meeting in collaboration of the IMpaCT project – PCISBIO meeting 2022.


The project Coordinators, Pedro Matias and Célia Romão, were involved in the organization of this event that counted with key players from the Structural Biology and Microscopy field in Portugal, Spain and Finland.


We had the great pleasure of welcoming the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, the Portuguese Science Funding Agency President, Helena Pereira, and the coordinator of Instruct-ERIC Management, Susan Daenke.


We were happy to welcome several renowned international experts from University of Helsinki, CNB-CSIC and EMBL.


This face-to-face event that took place in the heart of Lisbon was extremely important as it allowed several discussions in the research area of structural biology and the CryoEM technology and further foster networking between the IMpaCT consortium members and with important stakeholders from different Portuguese and European research institutes.


Two early career researchers from the IMpaCT ITQB NOVA team, Sara Silva and José Rodrigues, were selected for oral presentations as great examples of the collaborative effort between our project partners and the support given by the Instruct infrastructure.


During the meeting, the IMpaCT Coordination team had the opportunity to  interact with the Instruct hub Coordinator team and to get acquainted with future opportunities for collaborative efforts to boost the CryoEM and Structural Biology knowledge at ITQB NOVA and in Portugal. Also, this was a great opportunity for our Consortium members to get updated on the ongoing projects and discuss further collaborations opportunities.


You can find the recordings of all PCISBIO meeting lectures here, via the INSTRUCT youtube channel.



PCISBIO meeting day - opening session by the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, and the Portuguese Science Funding Agency President, Helena Pereira.



Dissemination corner - IMpaCT project, INSTRUCT ERIC, Portuguese Spectrometry Network.



Presentation by Sarah Butcher, partner coordinator from the University of Helsinki.



Presentation from Carlos Oscar Sorzano, partner co-coordinator from the CNB-CSIC.



Selected presentations from the Early Career Researchers - IMpaCT team member from ITQB NOVA, Sara Silva and José Rodrigues, were selected to give an presentation on their collaborative projects with all the IMpaCt partners as great examples of the network supported by our EU project and the INSTRUCT Infrastructure.



Presentation from Paulo Ferreira on the CryoEM Portuguese network being establish at the INL.