Recommended online lectures for IMpaCT workshops

Following is a list of online lectures and courses relating to cryo-EM and 3D image processing. These are selected from the many resources available online and in the literature, which may appear at first bewildering. The first two together take under an hour and should both be seen in full. The Grant Jensen lectures are a broad introduction but also a major commitment. Ultimately every practitioner should be familiar with the material presented in them. The MRC course and the SBGrid Consortium lectures go deeply into specific topics.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a unified resource that compiles a number of these and other presentations into coherent categories to assist in the navigation. Access is free to use but registration is required.

Participants in the Helsinki workshop should certainly watch the lectures on sample preparation and single particle data collection and reconstruction.

Participants in the Weizmann workshop should watch the lectures on sample preparation and tomography.

The final recommendation is an excellent series of practical tutorials on microscope setup and alignment.


Eva Nogales lecture

A very concise (45 minutes) and broad introduction to motivate use of cryo-EM and 3D methods. This is not a "how to" but rather an inspirational "what can be done" lecture, including both technique and application. There is a lot of material packed into a short time, yet the presentation is not at all rushed. Unfortunately, it predates the resolution revolution.


JOVE tutorial

A 9-minute video demo of the single particle sample preparation and data collection workflow with a very practical emphasis. Recommend watching after a broader introductory lecture.


The Grant Jensen lectures

This is a basic and quite complete introduction to cryo-EM, usually considered the best starting point from scratch. It is a rather long course of 40 modules, each about 20 minutes long. Lectures cover microscope operation, image formation, sample preparation, and the major techniques of single particle analysis, tomography, and 2D crystallography. A second part consists of very short (about 3 minute) demos of sample preparation to get started hands on.

It is also available on Coursera.


MRC course lectures 2017

A series of 10 one hour-long, in-depth lectures by experts on specific aspects of cryo-EM. Up to date.


SBGrid consortium

In-depth lectures (generally about 1 hour long) explaining use and operation of various software packages, including Scipion, Relion, Coot, Chimera and ChimeraX, EMAN, Appion, and others.


Scipion tutorials

Tutorials on how to use Scipion for CryoEM image processing.