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News 2009

Noite dos Investigadores: um dia em cheio
Mais de 2500 pessoas presentes em Lisboa
The first meeting of the Portuguese NMR Network
2nd of December 2009
European Biophysics Congress comes to Portugal
EBSA meeting to take place in 2013
The essence of chemistry by Jorge Calado
António V. Xavier Seminars continue in 2009/10
Detecting enterococci
New book on foodborne pathogens released
Making virtual seem more real
New method for molecular dynamics simulation developed
"Cientistas de pé" experimentam o palco
Ainda a caminho da Noite dos investigadores
Cooperation Agreement between Portugal and the Harvard Medical School
Open calls 2009
ITQB researchers integrate RTN in redox enzymology
New concept for biosensors applications
Science 2009
National Science Meeting on July 29 and 30
ITQB Chemists look for highly motivated candidates
For upcoming FCT grants call
À procura de cientistas
Convite à participação na Noite dos Investigadores: Cientistas ao Palco em Lisboa
Maize seeds make researchers start from scratch
When mass spectrometry seems to fail
Aromatic moments determine solubility in ionic liquids
Researchers propose new rule for predicting liquid-liquid solubility
Dia do ITQB
Celebrating ITQB's integration in UNL
Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada honoured at FEBS Congress
Portuguese Science Minister and President of FCT present at the cerimony in Prague
RNases presented at Protein Society Symposium in Zurich
PhD student receives Award for Scientific Merit
Animal Cell Technology in Dublin
PhD students receive prizes at European meeting
Generating new catalysts
A new method to functionalize N-heterocyclic carbenes
A snapshot of sulfur bioenergetics
X-ray structure and biochemistry of a sulfide:quinone oxidoreductase
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