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News 2009

Celebrando os 250 Anos do concelho de Oeiras
ITQB e IGC levam ciência ao jardim
Cientistas ao palco
A caminho da Noite dos Investigadores a 25 de Setembro
Keep thinking blue
World Environment Day
The importance of a bond
A method to estimate the strength of a carbon-carbon double bond
On astrophysics and life in the Universe
António V. Xavier Seminar on June 4th
Harvard-Portugal program launched
Laboratório Associado de Oeiras is one of the signing parties
The Making of a “Super”-Enzyme
One single aminoacid change in RNase II drastically improves its catalysis
Basic course on NMR spectroscopy
Call for apllications
Facts and fiction of genetically engineered food
Review paper in Trends in Biotechnology
Microbiólogos por um dia
Vencedores do concurso "Se eu fosse um micróbio" visitam ITQB
Killer or defender of S. aureus: antagonistic behaviour of a single enzyme
Bifunctional enzyme with nitroreductase and GSNO reductase activity
Annual Report 2008
Now available online
Best oral communication on pediatric infectious diseases
Meeting in Aveiro gathers specialists from Portuguese-speaking countries
Investigação de Verão
Pequenos estágios nos laboratórios do ITQB
DATE CHANGE: António V. Xavier Seminar on May 14th
Enabling environments for biotechnology by Carlos Faro
Research for undergraduates
Bolsas BII 2009/2010
Master Research Projects at ITQB
List of Laboratories 2009/2010
Haem biosynthesis in anaerobic organisms
ITQB researchers discover alternative pathway
Understanding the role of vitamin B2 in lipid metabolism diseases
ITQB researchers look into mitochondrial protein folding
Stepping forward in gene therapy
New strategies in downstream processing of viral vectors
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