"CryoEM & BioTech" - Online Seminar Series




One of the IMpaCT project goals is to promote a closer interface between Cryo-EM technologies in structural biology applied to fundamental research, industry and medicine.

We aim to highlight the collaborative potential of these complementary aspects of scientific research, as well as to broaden the horizons of our early career researchers beyond academia and foster wider employability.

A series of online seminars entitled "CryoEM & Biotech" will be organised to illustrate:

  • the mind-set and approach taken by the pharmaceutical industry - in-depth knowledge of the Cryo-EM applications in a biopharmaceutical setting;


  • the collaboration potential between academia and industry within the Cryo-EM applications to Structural Biology - provide a better understanding of the needs and wants from both academia and industry, by giving a comprehensive overview on how these collaborative projects can be established.


Join us!


1st Session - Dr. Ilaria Ferlenghi, GSK @ July 1st , 2021


2nd Session - Dr. Alexis Rohou, Genentech @ October 14th, 2021


3rd session - Dr. Magali Mathieu, Sanofi @ September 22nd, 2022