IMpaCT Final Meeting

The IMpaCT project is rapidly coming to an end and so, to celebrate its importance and determinant role in the development of the applications of Cryo-EM to life sciences research at UNL as well as in other Portuguese research institutions, we are organizing a Final Meeting that will take place in the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) in Braga, Portugal between the 30th of January and the 1st of February, 2023.


January 30

20h00-22h00 Welcome reception 

January 31

Morning Session 1 - closed session - INL meeting room
08h15-09h00 INL Registration
09h00-09h10 Welcome & Outline of the meeting
09h10-09h30 WP1 - Training Programme, Sarah Butcher
09h30-09h50 WP2 - Scientific Application and CryoEM knowledge, Margarida Archer
09h50-10h10 WP3 - Professional and career development, Margarida Trindade
10h10-10h30 WP4 - Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication, Renata Ramalho
10h30-11h00 Coffee Break
11h00-11h20 WP5 - Coordination and Project management, Pedro Matias
11h20-12h00 Discussion
12h00-14h00 Lunch

Afternoon Session I - Scientific Talks - Open session - INL auditorium
14h00-14h20 Andreia Fernandes
14h20-14h40 Catarina Paiva
14h40-15h00 Bruno Salgueiro
15h00-15h20 André Gouveia
15h20-16h00 Tea Break

Afternoon Session II - Project Presentations - Open Session - INL auditorium
16h00-16h20 Sara Silva (Célia Romão)
16h20-16h50 José Rodrigues e Diogo Athayde (Margarida Archer)
16h50-17h10 José Brito
17h10-17h30 Francisco Figueiredo
17h30-17h50 Erin Tranfield

Afternoon Session II - Closed Session - INL meeting room
18h00-18h30 Task Leaders Meeting with SAB
Overall assessment of project activities
Discussion on Sustainability
18h30 End of Day 1
19h30-22h Dinner 

February 1

Morning Session - Project Presentations - Open Session - INL auditorium
09h00-09h20 Assembly and maturation of the flavivirus, tick borne encephalitis virus, Sarah Butcher
09h20-09h40 Next steps for STEM in cryo-EM, Michael Elbaum
09h40-10h00 CryoEM conformational landscapes: Directly accessing macromolecular flexibility, Jose Maria Carazo
10h00-10h20 Community construction: notes about starting and holding a national cryo-EM unit, Marta Carroni
10h20-10h40 Understanding the invisible hands of sample vitrification; The invention of the VitroJet for proteins and cells, Peter Peters
10h40-11h00 High-resolution cryoEM of membrane protein complexes, Werner Kühlbrandt
11h00-11h15 Final Remarks
11h15-11h30 Coffee break
11h30-12h00 Tour of the INL
12h00-12h30 Meeting of task leaders and SAB with INL Direction
12h30-14h00 Lunch
14h00-18h30 Social Activity
18h30-22h00 Dinner 
22h00 Transportation back to the Hotel

February 2 End of meeting - Participants depart