Public Open Session

Kick-off-meeting Public Session


Public Session – Scientific Communications by the Partners and SAB

Tuesday, September 17 (ITQB NOVA)


Morning Session I (Chair: Pedro Matias)

09H00 – 09H15 – Welcome and Introduction – Pedro Matias (ITQB NOVA)

09H15 – 09H45 – Local Directional Resolution: Its impact in map validation, map sharpening and beyond – Jose María Carazo (CNB-CSIC, Spain)

09H45 – 10H15 – Cryo-EM tomography without a camera – Michael Elbaum (Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel)

10H15 – 10H45 – A novel druggable interprotomer pocket in the capsid of rhino- and enteroviruses – Sarah Butcher (University of Helsinki, Finland)


Morning Session II (Chair: Célia Romão)

11H15 – 11H45 – Building and operation of the cryo-EM Swedish National Facility and Community – Marta Carroni (SciLifeLab, Sweden)

11H45 – 12H15 – Cryo-EM beauty and benefit for Bionano: our achievements with a macromolecular secretion system in Mycobacterium tuberculosis – Peter Peters (Maastricht University, Netherlands)

12H15 – 12H30 – Engaging in Cryo-EM – Wim Voorhout (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Netherlands)

12H30 – 12H45 – Closing remarks (Pedro Matias & Célia Romão)