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News 2019

Metallo Proteins and Spectroscopy: Relevance for Human Health and Disease
Workshop takes place next Tuesday, 1 October, at the Rectory of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
Improving a biological hydrogen machine
Development of hydrogenase variants with improved properties reveals new pathways of oxygen inactivation
ITQB NOVA participates in European outreach initiatives
This year, ITQB NOVA researchers participated in the Science is Wonderful! exhibition, in Brussels. Tonight, ITQB NOVA project B-LigZymes will be at European Researchers' Night at MUHNAC, in Lisbon
Dia Aberto ITQB NOVA 2019
“Junta-te aos elementos!” | Sábado | 26 de outubro | Das 10h às 17h
ITQB NOVA researcher Catarina Paquete elected to ISMET board
The International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology links researchers from various areas of science and engineering to study interactions between electroactive organisms and electrodes.
Molecular insights on bioelectrochemical technologies
A new evolutionary vision on cytochromes c obtained from studies using a Gram-positive bacterium
Dia Aberto 2019 | Tabela Periódica na fachada do ITQB NOVA
Elementos químicos "ocupam" janelas do edifício, numa homenagem ao Ano Internacional da Tabela Periódica
Lost in transition
The impact of exoribonucleases enzymes in the shift between exponential and stationary growth phases
Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2019 | 24 a 30 de novembro
Investigadores do ITQB NOVA estão disponíveis para irem às escolas na Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia. Além desta atividade, o ITQB NOVA participa em diversas iniciativas das escolas ao abrigo do programa Oeiras Educa, do Município de Oeiras.
New approaches to disordered proteins
Small-angle X-ray scattering used to analyse the molecular plasticity of a protein associated with poor prognosis in cancer
ITQB NOVA and IGC carry out simulation of a hospital outbreak
On the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, researchers of consortium ONEIDA announce the results of a pilot study completed in record time. The initiative opens new perspectives for the control of bacterial infections in Portuguese hospitals.
Helena Santos receives the Nicolau Van Uden Prize
Santos was awarded today by the Portuguese Society of Microbiology
Last week to apply to the 2nd edition of Startup Research
There are 18 scholarships available. This ITQB NOVA and Nova SBE Post Graduation aims to help researchers envision the value their science can generate.
ITQB NOVA hosts Doctoral INPhINIT Fellowships from “la Caixa” Foundation
The ”la Caixa” Doctoral Fellowships call is now open and aims to support outstanding researchers, of any nationality, by offering an attractive and competitive environment for development of their PhD work.
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