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News 2019

Summer Science @ITQB NOVA
Internships for undergrads | 22 - 26 July
ITQB NOVA receives inventor of Meningococcus B vaccine
On June 12th, Mariagrazia Pizza gives a talk within the Institute’s 25th anniversary cycle
12th Basic course on NMR spectroscopy
Catalysis for a sustainable world
Beatriz Royo lab proposes the use of manganese, one of the most abundant metals on Earth, as a catalyst for industrial uses
Prémio António Xavier 2019
The Prémio António Xavier 2019 will distinguish the best PhD Thesis published in 2018 in the area of NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance) , EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) or MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) reporting research work conducted in Portugal.
Expression of Interest: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship 2019 Joint Applications
Candidates will benefit from the support of ITQB NOVA’s pre-award team
DeepBio: Artificial Intelligence for industrial biotechnology
ITQB NOVA and CEB-UMinho are the academic partners of project led by high-tech startup SilicoLife
ITQB NOVA scientist distinguished with Medal of Scientific Merit
Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education awarded Helena Santos, a pioneer in the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance techniques for the non-invasive study of cellular metabolism. Former director of ITQB NOVA, Manuel Nunes da Ponte, was also honoured.
Startup Research returns in January
ITQB NOVA and Nova SBE Post Graduation aims to help researchers envision the value their science can generate.
90 segundos de Ciência awarded with the 2019 Gulbenkian Knowledge prize
Programme is a result of the Master in Science Communication run by ITQB NOVA and NOVA FCSH
European Scientists question ECJ decision on high-precision genome editing techniques
On the first anniversary of the court ruling, the scientific community publishes an open letter with the support of over 120 institutions
Applications to ITQB NOVA Master Programmes are open!
Do your Master in a research environment with a close connection to industry
Origin and evolution of a bacterial developmental programme
New paper uncovers the origin and evolution of bacterial sporulation
Twinning project will train researchers in advanced electron microscopy
IMpaCT is coordinated by ITQB NOVA. Kick-off meeting and workshop on Cryo-EM take place in mid-September
International Microorganism Day 2019
17 September 2019 | Palácio Marquês de Pombal | Oeiras
ITQB NOVA holds Public Session on Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Session takes place on 17 September, within the meeting of the IMpaCT Twinning Project
ITQB NOVA celebrates the International Microorganism Day
ITQB NOVA researchers take part in events at the Gardens of Palácio Marquês de Pombal, at Técnico Lisboa and at Pavilhão do Conhecimento.
Joint Project between ITQB NOVA, iBET and CENIMAT-FCT-NOVA wins Santander-NOVA Prize
ITQB/iBET's Vanessa Pereira is part of the distinguished research team
A year celebrating the 25th anniversary of ITQB NOVA
25 years of the institute's integration in Universidade NOVA de Lisboa to be celebrated on 20 September at the Rectory
25 years of ITQB NOVA
Last Friday, September 20th, ITQB NOVA celebrated 25 years of the institute's integration in Universidade NOVA de Lisboa with a commemorative session.
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