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News 2014

Spontaneously formed nano-sized emulsions
Researchers show yet another property of ionic liquids
The best crystals of the year
2014 is the International Year of Crystallography
The end is important too
Bacterial 3’UTRs are important for mRNA stability
The genome of Desulfovibrio gigas
Complete sequence of model sulfate reducing bacterium now available
The importance of protein electrostatics
Meeting gathers 50 specialists in Lisbon
The largest of them all
Genomes of rust fungi are on average larger than those of other fungi
The most recent book from Cell Press Reviews
Stem Cells to Model and Treat Disease
The silver bullet
Researchers develop efficient membrane for gas separation
Trofeu António Xavier
Rugby trophy honours founder of ITQB
Vaccine Bioprocess Development Course
iBET/UCL Course scheduled for April 2014
World Science Day for Peace and Development
Quality Science Education: ensuring a sustainable future for all
18th European Bioenergetics Conference in Lisbon
Registration is now open
A CRISPR revolution: How bacteria fight their own infections
Researchers uncover new system of bacterial adaptative immunity
A new keyplayer in acute lymphoid leukemia
Research opens door to potential novel treatment
Ada Yonath at ITQB: save the date
Seminar by Nobel Prize for Chemistry marks Year of Crystallography
Ada Yonath at ITQB: September 9
Seminar by Nobel Prize for Chemistry marks Year of Crystallography
Against the crisis, invest in science
Researchers present strategy to stimulate innovation-based economy in Southern Europe
Bacterial cell regulation in review
Current Opinion in Microbiology co-edited by ITQB researcher
Best PhD Thesis 2013
Award attributed to Pedro Matos Pereira
Best poster at FEBS/EMBO Conference
Life Sciences meeting gathers 2000 participants in Paris
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