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News 2010

Semana Investiga @ITQB
De 5 a 9 Abril 2010
Peer verdict: Highly accessed
Story of an article on improved bioprocesses for stem cell culture
Chris Schofield on the chemistry of oxygen sensing
Next Frontier Leaders seminar on March 19
Green Chemistry corked up
Cover features suberin extraction by ionic liquids
Bruno Lemaitre on gut immunity in the fruit fly
Next Frontier Leaders seminar on March 9
Moving towards the biological production of H2
Solving the structure of an oxygen-tolerant and highly active hydrogenase
FCT and ITQB joint research project distinguished
Prémio de Mérito Científico Santander Totta - Universidade Nova de Lisboa 2009/10
Gunnar von Heijne on membrane proteins
New Frontier Leaders Seminar on February 24
UNL rector to head council of rectors
António Bensabat Rendas elected president of CRUP
Dia Aberto - um dia a saber a Ciência
Convite dos investigadores para sábado, dia 27 de Fevereiro
Tracking the life story of an MRSA clone
High-throughput genomics for molecular epidemiology published in Science
William Martin on the origin of life
Next Frontier Leaders Seminar on January 28
Isotope effects: read about it
New Springer book has the collaboration of ITQB researcher
There’s more to cork than sealing wine
A green technology for dissolving cork biopolymers
Putting bacteria on the map
Resistant Staphylococcus aureus concentrate in hospitals
In Search of an Ionic Liquid Effect
Frontier Leaders Seminar on January 11
Trading off stability for activity
Biochemical characterization of a neurodegeneration protein
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