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News 2010

Promoting berries in Europe
Recently approved FP7 project includes ITQB
Designing enzyme mimics
Best poster awarded at international meeting
Problem solving with NMR
New NMR diffusion protocols developed at ITQB
Best PhD Thesis at ITQB in 2009
Ricardo Gouveia to receive prize on ITQB Day
Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada receives award
Annual Seeds of Science cerimony takes place tomorrow
Twisting to the left. Twice
Researchers determine structure of Z-Z DNA junctions
Catching a pump in action
Molecular simulation insights into the mechanism of ABC transporter
Inaugural Lecture at Academia das Ciências
Cecília Arraiano recently elected member of the Lisbon Academy
Grain legume-associated fungi family relationships
Best poster awarded at international conference
Advanced training in NMR
Registration is now open for GTPB Course
Preventing cell death
Anti-apoptotic effect of carbon monoxide in astrocytes
The yin and yang of innate immunity by Philippe Sansonetti
Last Frontier Leaders seminar on April 30
Desafio E. Coli: o encontro final
ITQB recebe participantes do concurso de documentário científico
A ciência vai a um centro de arte
De 20 a 25 de Abril no Centro de Arte Manuel de Brito
Prémio António Xavier 2009
Call for proposals
3rd CERMAX practical course on NMR spectroscopy
Registration is now open
Stress on accuracy
Enhanced method to detect reactive oxygen species
From mathematical models to bioprocess optimization
Tinkering the cell’s energy metabolism for optimal virus production
8th International Congress on Extremophiles
12-16 September, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores
Frontiers in Chemical Biology
Symposium on collaborative research between INTERBIO partners
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