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News 2012

Regulating metals inside the cell
Researchers uncover 3D structure of bacterial metallo-oxidase
Is it green? How can you tell?
Researchers devise new method for analyzing the toxicity of ionic liquids
Portuguese Science scores high with American Foundation
Five scientists working in Portugal considered ‘world-class’ by Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Young women researchers recognized by L’Oreal Portugal
ITQB alumna receives one of the three Medals of Honor for Women in Science 2011
Novel bacterial strategy to cope with host defenses uncovered
Helicobacter pylori has an unprecedented nitric oxide detoxifying system
Bacteria can be cheaters too
Strategy to save resources uncovered at the molecular level
Portuguese wild blackberries trump commercial varieties
Researchers test in vitro neuroprotective effect of fruit extracts
Simple: Just add salt
Developing even more ionic ionic liquids
In memory of António Xavier
FEBS Letters issue dedicated to electron/proton coupling in biological energy transduction
A new chemistry for drug design
Researchers develop ampicilin-based ionic liquids
Two faces of science communication: peers and lay audiences
Interbio workshop at ITQB from March 19 to March 23
Disarming resistant bacteria
Team of researchers finds effective drug combination to fight antibiotic resistance
When in culture, do as the liver does
Researchers develop in vitro model to test new drugs
Prémio António Xavier 2012
Call for proposals
Iron replaces precious metals
Researchers design efficient but cheaper catalyst
Best poster award at EMBO Workshop
New membrane complex highlighted at workshop on Microbial Sulfur Metabolism
Best poster award for Portuguese maize and beans
Agriculture project stakeholders meet in Italy
Best poster award at Spores Conference
Bacterial spores community meets in London
Who killed the unprotected RNA molecule?
Researchers uncovered alternative pathway in degradation of small non-coding RNAs
Nearing the end of a crystallographers' nightmare?
Study of ionic liquids’ properties most suited for protein crystallization
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